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CAMP ROSKILDE – The Official Roskilde Festival board game
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In 'Camp Roskilde' you have to prove that you have the coolest camp. Roskilde Festival's first official board game has finally landed in the shop.

You've just gotten the camp party started. Death metal roars out of the boom box and a hot babe lies in the grass smiling at you. But suddenly your mom hangs in the bar with that intolerable hippie, and the weak music nerd has established a lake of puke in the corner of the camp. Sigh! It'll be a long night.

In Roskilde Festival's first official board game, Camp Roskilde, you have to fill your camp with gaudy festival types or beat the other players with a top-tuned theme. Piece of cake – if only your opponents didn't do anything possible to ruin your plans.
Camp Roskilde is for sale right now in our web shop.

The price is 30 EUR (+ shipping).

Find the golden tile and win a free ticket
We have even put a golden tile in three of the first 300 sold games. If you find it you get a free ticket to Roskilde Festival 2012.

Facts about Camp Roskilde
Camp Roskilde is Roskilde Festival's first official board game
2 to 6 players from age 12 and up
The game contains: 6 plater boards, 60 unique tiles and one set of rules
Size : 26.5 x 26.5 x 7 cm (the box)
Weight: 1.7 kg
The game is in English
Each game lasts 10-30 minutes

Click to see video

Price: 1pcs. 30,00 EUR

CAMP ROSKILDE – The Official Roskilde Festival board game

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